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Relying on addictive substances for one’s mental and physical well-being is not a long-term solution for anybody. Many who are caught in a cycle of addictive behaviors want it to end, but do not have the resources or support necessary to surmount these challenges. Allen Recovery drug rehab center of Raleigh, North Carolina is here to help those ready to be free from the influence of drugs or alcohol to take back control of their lives.


Detox involves giving up the addictive substance and is usually accompanied by both physical and psychological side effects such as tremors, seizures, anxiety, and heart palpitations. Some substances result in more serious side effects and require longer recovery times.

Supervision can be extremely helpful as the body adjusts to the release of all toxic and chemical by-products of the abused substance. With years and years of service under our belts, we at the Allen addiction treatment center of Raleigh NC are equipped with the proper knowledge and resources to supervise and support clients experiencing detox.

Healing and Rehabilitation

Most addictive behaviors stem from psychological hardships. This makes dual diagnosis treatment at the Allen addiction recovery center all the more important. Here we treat both the physical and mental health issues which a client may face.

Our addiction recovery process involves psychological training in which the client learns to effectively cope with the stress, negative influences, and harmful behaviors which pushed them to substance abuse in the first place. Support groups and meetings are also arranged in which clients with similar addictions or problems gather together for group counseling and recreational activities.


Clients can continue to attend support groups even after treatment to take advantage of our wide network of peers who are all willing to offer advice, encouragement, and support. The Allen drug recovery center also offers individual consultations to help clients transition back to normal life.

Our Facilities

Clients will find all the amenities and supplies they need to feel at their peak again. With our scenic views and cozy living spaces, we provide our clients with a chance to step back from their hectic lives and simply enjoy the day-to-day.

Personalized Treatment

Here at Allen Recovery Center in Raleigh NC, we treat our clients as unique individuals with their own obstacles to overcome. This is why each of our clients is prescribed an individualized treatment plan that is specifically designed to meet their unique needs. We don't believe in providing our clients with standardized plans which often prove to be ineffective or inefficient.

Getting Help

If you or a loved one are currently suffering from addiction, get help today at the Allen Recovery Center of Raleigh NC.