About us


A t our addiction recovery treatment facility, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the treatment that our clients need to attain their goals for recovery. We know that every individual who attends our substance abuse treatment center will need different treatment strategies in order to get the support they need to overcome addiction and begin working toward recovery in earnest.

When you have determined that you are ready to accept the necessary treatment to overcome substance abuse, we hope that you will consider enrolling in the addiction recovery program we offer at our drug rehab clinic. When you enroll at our addiction recovery treatment center, you’ll be receiving the best treatment possible. You will be assured of this fact thanks to the customized plan for addiction recovery treatment which we will offer you when you arrive at our facility.

One of the ways that we can customized your addiction recovery plan is dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This strategy is of paramount importance when a client is struggling with both an addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder.

These co-occurring disorders can take myriad forms, but it is important to ensure that they are diagnosed and that the client receives the proper treatment for whatever co-occurring disorder they might be struggling with. Thanks to dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we are able to provide clients with the support they need to reach recovery.

When you are ready to leave our substance abuse treatment facility, you will have the benefit of a comprehensive and customized plan for aftercare treatment. This is because we know that recovery is not a process that will finish when you graduate from our recovery treatment program, but will continue long after you have left our drug rehab clinic. Fortunately, our friendly experts will continue to provide you with the ongoing support you deserve. Your personalized aftercare plan will reflect this,